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redefining the industry by embracing a holistic and human-centric approach.
Founded in 2014 by Joshua Fisher and based in Los Angeles, Future Gods is dedicated to empowering emerging artists. Our core mission is to collaborate with musicians, labels, and brands, leveraging extensive industry experience in A&R, marketing, management, and beyond.

We specialize in navigating the complexities of the music landscape, offering tailored support in PR, marketing, release planning, playlist pitching, and partnerships. Our white-gloved distribution goes beyond mere aggregation to digital platforms, focusing instead on providing a supportive ecosystem. This includes education, strategic guidance, detailed analytics, and access to a diverse range of marketing and promotional services.
At Future Gods, we're committed to innovation and actively engaged in emerging technologies, maintaining robust partnerships with companies on the cutting edge of music marketing tools. We're constantly exploring new and exciting markets, from international DSPs to Web3. Our expansive network, including top-tier publicists, producers, songwriters, graphic designers, and sync teams, ensures that working with us means being part of a community dedicated to enhancing and amplifying your unique sound in the music industry.

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